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Album 5 news in 2-3 weeks.

Let that sink in everyone.

a tribute to the red tour: every red tour show

↳ April 27, 2013: Lexington, Kentucky

"My ambition was to start a new book with the next album and not just a new chapter. I’ve surprised myself a little because we’ve already put together a lot of songs, and I feel like the album has taken on this new sound which was what I was looking for."

Taylor Swift on her 5th Album | Candy Magazine May 2014 (x)

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That teaser trailer was epic. 20 years from now, I’ll show it to my children and tell them ”I woke up at 6am to watch this piece of rainbow”.


"I think I’ve heard a lot, but I’ve learned nothing" - Tyler Hoechlin

Basically the definition of fan fic put in words

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Those reactions are just priceless.

"Al final, recordaremos no la voz de nuestros enemigos, sino el silencio de nuestros amigos."

Martin Luther King Jr (via elcielosobremi)

"Por supuesto que te haré daño. Por supuesto que me harás daño. Por supuesto que nos haremos daño el uno al otro. Pero esa es la condición misma de la existencia. Para llegar a ser primavera, significa aceptar el riesgo del invierno. Para llegar a ser presencia, significa aceptar el riesgo de la ausencia."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (via elcielosobremi)
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